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The Mark Varney Project - Humpty Dumpty

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Deconstructing Type Parameters - The Go Programming Language

Why the function signatures in the slices packages are so complicated.

Arena allocator tips and tricks

Over the past year I’ve refined my approach to arena allocation. With practice, it’s effective, simple, and fast; typically as easy to use as garbage collection but without the costs. Depending on need, an allocator can weigh just 7–25 lines of code — perfect when lacking a runtime. With the core details of my own technique settled, now is a good time to document and share lessons learned. This is certainly not the only way to approach arena allocation, but these are practices I’ve worked out to simplify programs and reduce mistakes.

Abacusynth by Elias Jarzombek

2023 MIDI Innovation Award entrant Abacusynth

Compiling Rust for the ESP32 with NixCompiling Rust for the ESP32 with Nix | n8henrie.com

Nix’s tooling for Rust compilation can target the ESP32.

The Folded Polynomial - N64 Optimization

It seems so obvious in hindsight, but somehow only one person thought of this…
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Kazestuff
Discord: https:/

Upsert in SQL

Inserting and updating data with a single query.

Eyra is an interesting Rust project – notgull – The world's \#1 source of notgull

In the eternal quest to rewrite everything in Rust, even the C standard library isn’t safe from carcinisation.

Joshua Moshe - Spin Cycle (feat. Cazeux O.S.L.O)

Download & Purchase: https://joshuamoshe.bandcamp.com/album/inner-search

Inner Search showcases an eclectic blend of influences drawing ins

Ditch That Else · Preslav Rachev



I quite like this.

Time To Turn

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Time To Turn · Eloy

Time To Turn

℗ 1982 Vertigo/Capitol, a division of Universal Music Gm

Steve Khan - The Blue Man - full album, HD 1978


1 Daily Bulls 7:03
2 The Blue Man

Sep 22
The State of Async Rust: Runtimes | Corrode Rust Consulting

Recently, I found myself returning to a compelling series of blog posts titled
Zero-cost futures in Rust
by Aaron Turon about what would become the foundation of Rust’s async ecosyste…

Sep 21
Paul Reed Smith Interviews John McLaughlin | Shakti 50th Anniversary | PRS Guitars

Backstage, Paul Reed Smith sits down with legendary guitarist John McLaughlin before his performance with Shakti. The two discuss Shakti’s 5

Today The UK Parliament Undermined The Privacy, Security, And Freedom Of All Internet Users  | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The U.K. Parliament has passed the Online Safety Bill (OSB), which says it will make the U.K. “the safest place” in the world to be online. In reality, the OSB will lead to a much more censored, locked-down internet for British users. The bill could empower the government to undermine not just the privacy and security of U.K. residents, but internet users worldwide.

Sep 21

Provided to YouTube by Reprise

I.G.Y. · Donald Fagen

The Nightfly

℗ 1982 Warner Records Inc.

Vocals: Donald Fagen
Producer: Gary Katz

Sep 21
Wyschnegradsky ~ 24 Preludes for Two Quarter-Tone Pianos (FULL)

Martine Joste, piano
Recorded at Studios de la Muse en Circuit à Alfortville (France), December 2000.

Here is the COMPLETE work from Wysch

Sep 21
Vaetxh (Rob Clouth) - Cuntpressor

That kick drum 🥵

Sep 21
Rhayader Goes To Town

Always liked the whammy bar opening into the guitar solo.

Speeding up Floyd-Steinberg dithering: an optimization exercise

A worked out example: optimizing low-level code to get significant performance and memory improvements.

XML is better than YAML. Hear me out... |> Changelog

Not sure I agree. 👀

Sep 20
Yamandu Costa - La Invernada

Yamandu killing it.

Sep 20

I’ll probably still have to look this up everytime.

Sep 20
Sandra - Maria Magdalena (Official Video 1985)

This grooves. The chorus sounds a bit like that Laura Branigan song. I want a keytar.

Sep 20
Leveraging Rust in our high-performance Java database | QuestDB

A guide to adding Rust to a Java codebase with JNI and the rust-maven-plugin.

Sep 20
Meinl Cymbals – Brody Simpson + Dan Mayo - “Part-time Getaway Driver“

Very original!

A Planetary Discipline


Sep 20
Marin Mersenne on the Consolation of Sad Music - JHI Blog

Fun read.

Sep 19
Holiday Boat

Haven’t heard much Ott in recent years. The tunes on this album are pretty good.